The Quest of Quinton III


The quest nears its end. Quinton finds himself on the brink of hopelessness when the enemy manages to snatch the Golden Scroll from him. Finding the precious writing locked away and out of reach, the lad and his father feel that the realm’s doom is sealed. But a ray of hope suddenly shines in their midst when it is recalled that a special horn exists: a horn that summons creatures from the High King’s throne room and ushers light into the land. But time is running out! The Dark Master has gathered a slave workforce that is paving the way for his great war machine to be brought to the Keep. If the master of evil completes his mission before Quinton and his father can find the horn, the Keep will be battered to the ground, the Golden Scroll will be buried beyond reach, and the entire realm will be consumed by the uncontested reign of darkness. In this final stage of his quest, Quinton faces unparalleled challenges as the enemy seeks to harden his heart, lure him into its clutches, and render him useless in the desperate fight for the realm. The lad stands on the verge of utter defeat… will he find the way to overcome the enemy before it’s too late?

Hardcover | 127 pages | Color