The Quest of Quinton II


A new chapter begins. After Quinton’s encounter with the Prince of the Summit Kingdom, his life and identity were forever changed. But this was only the first step in overcoming the great dilemma before him, for the Golden Scroll’s absence from the Keep has left the realm defenseless against the conquest of the Dark Master.

While seeking for a way to restore the High King’s scroll to the heart of the land, Quinton learns of a protected road that leads directly to the Keep: the Narrow Road. In order for him to reach it, however, Quinton must pass through the Stone Gate, the only entrance to the guarded road. But upon reaching it, the lad discovers that a challenger now watches the Stone Gate, resisting all who stand for the cause of the Summit Kingdom.

In this continuation of his quest, Quinton is thrown into a dire situation in which he must exercise all that he has learned from the High King… or be overcome by the enemy.

Hardcover | 112 pages | Color

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