The Quest of Quinton – Clearance


When book 1 from the Quest of Quinton trilogy was hardbound, several spines were misaligned causing the text to be un-centered. However, the interior of the book is in pristine condition, containing no misalignments. Because of this positional flaw on the cover of the book, we are offering over a 40% discount on its normal price. If you want a bargain for a good quality book, and don’t mind the spine’s un-centered appearance, this 40% discount might be the option you are looking for. 

Quinton is very excited. The young boy is making his way toward the Keep, a special fortress at the center of the realm. There, his father—a knight—waits to guide him through the fortress’s locked doors to behold a powerful treasure that is being guarded inside—the Golden Scroll.

However, before Quinton can fully discover the power of this scroll, he is suddenly caught in the middle of an enemy attack. The forces of the Dark Master have come to destroy the Golden Scroll, which is the one thing that can stop them from conquering the land. Through a narrow escape, Quinton and his father flee the Keep with the special scroll in hand. But its absence from the Keep sets a new dilemma in motion—the empty fortress is now used by the Dark Master to spread an unrestrained cloud of darkness. Unless Quinton can discover the Golden Scroll’s power, and return it to the Keep, the land will soon fall under the shadow of tyranny.

In this young person’s tale, the son of a knight begins a quest in which he discovers the key to overcoming the dark forces that threaten his land.

Hardcover | 60 pages | Color

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